Tattoo Aftercare​

After removing the bandages form your new tattoo you'll want to gently wash it by hand with a fragrance free antibacterial soap, pat dry. Perform the washing procedure 2-3 times a day or as needed if performing dirty tasks. After the second day you may apply a thin layer of fragrance/alcohol free skin sensitive moisturizer (ie. Curel, Eucerin, Aquaphor) . Continue washing and moisturizing for 2 weeks.
While your tattoo is healing you'll want to avoid large bodies of water (pool, lakes oceans, etc.) and overexposure to the sun.
After a few days you'll go through a “Peeling” stage. Dry skin will begin to form and peel off, this is a normal part the healing process. During this time do not pick or scratch off any dry skin or scabs that form, allow them to fall off naturally. Once the dry skin and scabs have fallen off this indicates the end of the healing process and only normal moisturizing will be necessary. If you have any questions or concerns please contact us right away via phone or email.

Piercing Aftercare

Don't touch it! Don't touch it! Don't touch it! We use implant grade metals with a high mirror finish to shorten the healing time of your piercing. Touching your piercing can cause trauma and/or add bacteria which will prolong and even compromise the healing of your piercing. Avoid harsh chemicals like soap, hydrogen peroxide, alcohol, open bodies of water, and chlorinated pools. We suggest a simple saline rinse, it can be purchased at the shop or made at home by mixing 4 teaspoons of non iodized sea salt to a gallon of distilled water. Most of the time a shorter wearing size is recommended for a healed piercing. Be sure to keep up with us, if you’re having issues or concerns. We are always happy and available to answer any and all questions you may have.